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Interested in working for an established, progressive general contractor that rewards hard work and creativity with competitive pay, excellent benefits and more? At MAPP Construction, we’re always searching for talented industry professionals to provide excellent construction services that delight our clients. We value doing the right thing, having fun, raising the bar, finding a way and being different. And our career opportunities are located in and near our offices in Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Dallas, Houston and Orlando. View and apply for open positions below:


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  • We will be glad to consider your background and experience as a possible match for positions which may become available. Your application/resume will stay on file for 3 years; however, there is some voluntary affirmative action information that we would like for you to provide. We are requesting this information to accommodate our compliance with federal regulations. Submission of the information below is optional.


As an equal opportunity employer, It is the policy of The MAPP Group, LLC. to ensure equal opportunities to all applicants for all positions without regard to race, color, age, sex, religion, genetic information, national origin, disability, or sexual orientation.

It is also our policy to prohibit the use, possession, distribution or sale of intoxicating beverages, illegal and unauthorized drugs, narcotics, "Look-alike" drugs, and/or drug paraphernalia while on company job site premises or on company business. Our policy also prohibits company employees and others working on company premises from reporting for work or from working with any detectable level of any drug, alcohol and other substance which could impair, affect or alter the employee's ability to perform his or her work safely.

In order to ensure complacence with out company's prohibition concerning the above substances, applicants are required as a prerequisite to employment and a condition to continue employment to cooperate in alcohol and drug testing procedures.

I authorize the company to contact any of my previous employers as well as any reference source in order to verify the facts and information I have furnished and regarding my qualifications and character. I hereby authorize any person(s) having knowledge thereof to provide such information to the company, and I hereby release from liability and agree to hold harmless any person that furnished such information in good faith. I agree that I will submit to a physical, urinalysis, saliva and/or blood or other examination requested by the company at any time prior to or subsequent to my employment.

I further understand that my employment is for no fixed time and may be terminated at any time with or without cause or notice by myself or the company. I understand that no employee or officer or agent of the company may modify the employment at will relationship by oral or printed statements, including handbooks, benefit books, bulletins, or otherwise, contrary to the above.

I have carefully read the information on this form. I warrant that all the information provided herein is true and correct. I acknowledge and understand that any inaccurate or false statement contained herein, as well as any omission, may result in rejection of my application or, in the event I have been hired, may result in termination of my employment.


The MAPP Group, LLC ("the Company") discloses to you pursuant to the Fair Credit Reporting Act that a consumer report may be obtained on you for employment purposes as part of the pre-employment background investigation and at any time during your employment, if hired. A consumer report is a summary provided by a consumer reporting agency of your credit worthiness, credit standing, credit capacity, character, general reputation, personal characteristics, or mode of living.

I understand that the Company may also utilize the services of a consumer reporting agency to verify the information that I have provided on my employment application.

I hereby acknowledge the receipt of the above Notice of Disclosure for Consumer Report. By signing below, I authorize the Company to obtain a consumer report on me from a consumer reporting agency for a pre-employment background check as well as for a check at any time during my employment, if hired, at the Company.

I have read the foregoing statement and agree to abide by it in full. I also consent to give a urine, blood and/or saliva sample to be used for drug and alcohol analysis. I also authorize the testing agency to provide the results to this test to The MAPP Group, LLC.